925 Sterling Silver Platinum Plated surface prevents deformation and color change.   925 silver is one of the international standards for silver jewelry, not only showing a beautiful metallic luster after polished, but also containing a certain hardness, made of high-grade jewelry.

Sterling Silver 925 Silver Designs are built for rough, bold and cutting edge personalities. Their beautiful, meticulous style are suitable for casual or formal wear and for mass taste.

The Swiss Diamond is a natural diamond substitute for one of the top man-made diamonds. The simulation is very high and the contrast to the naked eye is almost indistinguishable. Every Swiss Diamond transparency section matches perfectly from the inside out, scattering into the dazzling octagonal star-shape.

The eight heart eight arrows cupid cut design Swiss Diamond features bright shine, the top diamond alternative. A Swiss Diamond, able to be worn on different occasions, offers a taste of owning a real diamond.

Sterling Silver Bullion Bracelet Plated With Platinum3mm Sterling Silver Bullion Bracelet Plated With Platinum

Sterling silver plated with 3 layer of platinum

Total length: 20CM, Diameter 0.3CM

Tails: 3CM, Weight 9G


Sterling Silver Heart Shape Amethyst Bracelet W/Purple CrystalSterling Silver Heart Shape Amethyst Bracelet W/Purple Crystal

20.5cm Length, Weight 6g




Sterling Silver Heart Shape Aquamarine BraceletSterling Silver Heart Shape Aquamarine Bracelet

20.5cm Length, Weight 6g




Sterling Silver Qiubiteqie Cut Swiss Diamond Bracelet Plated With PlatinumSterling Silver Cupid Cut Swiss Diamond Bracelet

Sterling Silver Plated with Platinum

Total 20cm length including 3cm chain tail

Diameter of the Diamond: 0.5cm, Weight 6g


4mm Sterling Silver Men's Bracelet4mm Sterling Silver Men Bracelet 

20cm Length, Diameter 4mm

Weight 8g



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